Poolblu Training Institute

An industry leading collection of educational and training services for pool and spa professionals and their customers.

Programs for Commercial Pool and Spa Owners, Managers and Operators

Poolblu educators supply a wide range of training opportunities for owners, managers and operators of pools and spas - as well as pool and spa companies. Each course is targeted to provide answers specific to the job duties of the class attendees.

Course Examples:

  • Top 7 Ways to Save Money, Eliminate Surprises and Thrill Guests - for owners and managers or resorts, hotels, motels, health clubs, country clubs. And more
  • PPSO Certification - Professional Pool and Spa Operators - for commercial pool operators, (replaces CPO).
  • Basic System Operation - for mechanical and maintenance engineers
  • Basic Water Chemistry - for mechanical and maintenance engineers
  • Advanced System Operation - best practices - for mechanical and maintenance engineers
  • Modern Technologies - better quality, lower costs - for all decision makers, the newest technologies that save $ and make life easier.
  • BluEarth Certification - Earth and Operator friendly certification for commercial pools

Poolblu operates a growing network of professional pool managers and technicians - education is central to what we do. Our class selection covers all aspects or design, operation, maintenance, and installation of the products that move and improve Water. Worldwide.

Course Examples:

  • 5 Keys to a Great Service Order - for technicians and customer care professionals
  • Warranty Services - representing major manufacturers - area managers and customer care professionals
  • Energy Efficiency - for technicians, auditors, inspectors and design engineers
  • Advanced Hydraulics - Circulation Sciences - for mechanical and maintenance engineers, repair technicians, design engineers
  • Troubleshooting - Basic and Advanced - for all technicians
  • Code Compliance - for life guards, maintenance technicians, repair technicians
  • Handling Extreme Bather Loads - area managers, pool managers, life guards and maintenance technicians