BluEarth Aquatics

Todays technology has been harnessed to deliver perfect water - and unprecedented convenience.

Power in the Palm

Designed with ease at its core, BluEarth Aquatics unique technology connects your pool to you.
Real-time data and Intelligent alerts keeps you informed
- and you in control.

Simple enough to allow anyone to use it while still providing a feature first view of your pool and spa system.

From pumps, heaters and actuators, to lighting and salt cells, BluEarth Aquatics provides a new and fun way for end users to interact with their pool system and stay in control!

How does it know?

World-class equipment works round-the-clock, so you don't have to. Providing you with insights into your pool’s performance and information on what’s running (and why!).

Specifically engineered to mindfully manage the energy usage of your entire pool system. Minimizing your energy impact and driving energy costs down, making your pool to be as efficient as possible!

Saving energy, saving water and saving money - all by itself.

Your Pool has people

Bad stuff happens and you can’t always be standing by watching over your pool to see it coming. But what if you could have eyes on all the time?

Now you can! With the mobile app, if equipment should ever require hands on adjustments, a poolblu service technician can be scheduled directly through the app.

Whenever and wherever the need, our fleet of pool and spa tradesmen there for you - 24/7!

What you need,
When you need it

BluEarth Aquatics talks directly to our warehouses - so our team knows in advance what your pool or spa needs - and when it needs it.  Rest assured that what you need delivered on time and the world's best prices.