BluEarth Filtration has revolutionized the industry!

1st Stage Filters made it possible!

First stage filtration delivers many benefits thru true state-of-the-art technologyL:

  • Traps up to 80% of the debris before it reaches the "old-school" filters
  • Up to 70% reuction in backwash or filter cleaning frequency
  • Up to 50% reduction in backwash water each cycle
  • Compact - Takes up no additional equipment pad spac.
  • Easy installation - Simple half-union influent and effluent connections
  • Easy operation - clears of debris with a simple single valve turn - While the system is running
  • Sizes for commercial and residential applications

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MultiCyclone 1st Stage Filtration
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Price: $243.99-$365.37

    BluEarth Filtration - Truly the Best! The award winning MultiCyclone is a brilliant 1st Stage filtration device that can be used stand-alone or part of a BluEarth Filtrations System. They are easily installed in the plumbing before conventional filters, effectively removing the largest debris and particles before they can clog any media like sand, D.E. or cartridges. It is designed with no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace. Tremendous Benefits The MultiCyclone...

    Multicyclone 70 Xl Commercial 4" Conn. (Nsf Approved) MultiCyclone 70XL, Filter, Commercial Filter,
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    Price: $2,965.02
    Item #: 200392 -

      Minimizes filter maintenance and saves water No filter media to clean or replace Compact size and ease of installation Suitable for new and existing commercial installations Maximum flow rate of 90m3/hr