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    Keeps pool water sparkling clean. Cal-Shock makes it a breeze. 100 % Calcium Hypochlorite - 65 % available chlorine Use for day-to-day chlorination or as a shock treatment.Can be pre-dissolved for use with chemical metering pumps or hand broadcast.Periodic usage as a shock treatment eliminates chloramines, helps eliminate 'red-eye' and helps control resistant strains of bacteria and algaeWill not build up stabilizers in the pool water.As a shock treatment, recommended 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons...

    Stabilized Powder Chlorine - Multi-Function Chlorinator
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      Easy to use concentrated powderStabilized against the harmful rays of the sun - stays in the water longer than non-stabilized types!Calcium free - No cloudy residue and will not cause scale build uppH neutral - will not cause or increase acid demandDissolves rapidly - even in cold water100 % active ingredients - no 'fillers' ...