Finally! Professional Quality Pool Cleaners - now available to everyone.

There are a lot of Automatic Pool CLeaners to choose from - and you won't find them all here!. As a service company - we get to see 'em all, and we only sell the best of the bunch!

In this category, you will find Cleaners in each of the categories tht represent our view of the best performance - and best value - of allthe cleaners in the market.

  • Our Pressure Side Cleaners are the best fo the historic machines that invented the whole automatic pool cleaner category. They'vee come a long way, but new technoloiges and new features kee them as great performers.
  • Just like when they were invented, our Suction Sdie Cleaner category features the best of what are historically some of the simplest and most affordable cleaners on the market.
  • Robots! represent the most advanced pool cleaning technoloiges in the world. Orignally, these machines were rought with high costs, mechanical complexity and a myriad of performance issues. Many manufacturers have come and gone - and even some robots are cheap imports and little more than "toys". Our selection is full blown suprior engineerd high-end appliances, worthy of a good look.