Finally! Professional Quality Robotic Pool Cleaners - now available to everyone.

There are a lot of robots to choose from - and you won't find them all here! As a service company, we get to see 'em all - and we only sell the best of the bunch!

We are pleased to provide our preferred selection of robotic style cleaners below.

  • Our high-end residential in-ground Robot Style Cleaners are the COSMY and RC Series.
  • For commercial uses, start with the RC Series.
  • For even bigger footprints and even more powerful features, large commercial pools are handled best with the Magnum and Gemini Series.

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Cosmy Robotic Above Ground and In Ground Cleaners Automatic Pool Cleaner, Robot Cleaner, Pool Cleaners, Cosmy 250
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Price: $599.00-$1,099.00

    COSMY The Bot 250 provides complete cleaning for pools of all shapes, up to 40 ft long. Thanks to its integrated technology, it becomes an important asset for the maintenance of your swimming pool. It also offers three cleaning cycles of 1h30, 2h00 and 2h30 which can be controlled via mobile app. Its 60 ft long floating cable allows it to reach the bottom of swimming pools up to 40 ft long. With its featherweight of only 12 lbs, its excellent motricity as well as a great filtration power, it...

    RC60 - Full-Featured Residential and Small Commercial Pool Cleaner Automatic Pool Cleaner, Robot Cleaner, Pool Cleaners, RC60
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    Price: $1,499.00
    Item #: RURD-TRS0-T6C76 -

      Like all BWT robotic pool cleaners, RC60 is intuitive and easy to use, getting to work all by itself with just the touch of a button. Compact, Hydrodynamic Design RC60 APP is a compact robotic pool cleaner designed to navigate tight spaces created by forgotten toys -- and any other obstacles -- on the pool floor. Its hydrodynamic design reduces drag, so less power is needed to drive it through the water (saving you money on your power bill!). Top-Access filter cartridges A transparent filter...

      Magnum - Compact, Full-Featured Commercial Cleaner
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      Price: $2,799.00
      Item #: RUCS-MGJ0M-JU00 -

        An affordable and reliable Robotic Pool Cleaner, designed to take the drudgery out of cleaning commercial pools of any shape up to 25 m long, compatible with all pool finishes. Affordability, Reliability and Simplicity The Magnum offers commercial pool owners an affordable solution with all the benefits of its advanced and proven features. It was designed with pool owners in mind, and is easy to handle and clean – making pool maintenance so much easier than before. Now you can just sit back,...