Painting is one of the most budget-friendly options for improving the appearance of your pool or spa. Whether you’re looking to paint your pool for the first time or due to wear and tear, Poolblu is here to help. 

Let us rejuvenate your outdated pool or spa with an epoxy or acrylic paint finish. With our proprietary cleaning and application process, you can rest assured that those worn-out plastic or painted surfaces will shine (and perform!) like new for years to come.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Price
    Acrylic - Resurface Service
    Select Markets Prices Vary - Contact us for info
    Epoxy - Resurface Service
    Select Markets Prices Vary - Contact us for info
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    Service Includes:

    • Removal of main drain grate, lights, inlets, and deck equipment hanging into the pool (ladders, handrails, etc.).
    • Proprietary multi step wash, degrease, de-scale and neutralizing washes to prep the surface for painting.
    • Surface moisture readiness testing to assure clean dry surface for adequate paint application.
    • Up to 2-man (two) hours of scraping or rough up sanding of spotted or stained areas.
    • Labor and material for 1-coat (one) of acrylic / epoxy paint applied to all walls and floor of pool or spa.
    • Equipment start-up, review, and 14 point testing.
    • Test and adjust water chemistry, (chemicals sold separately).