Item # IPS-M920
  • Dual ORP Output & pH Controller w/Remote Access Capability - IPS-M920
  • Dual ORP Output & pH Controller w/Remote Access Capability - IPS-M920
  • Dual ORP Output & pH Controller w/Remote Access Capability - IPS-M920

Chemical Automation at Its' Very Best

The M920w is perfect for pools, spas and water features of all sizes, anywhere—hotels, condominiums, aquatic centers, schools, public facilities, homes and more.

Automatically monitor, adjust and dispense the correct amount of chemicals, based on user demand, to maintain consistent pH and sanitizer levels throughout the day.

Sign up for free remote monitoring and check in on activity using your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Web-based programming, monitoring, multiple email and texting options for alert notification are built into the M920w with built-in WiFi. All features are also available with model M920 with hardwired Ethernet connection.

Quick and simple to operate, easy installation right out of the box and system set up takes just minutes. It’s rare, but if technical support is needed, we are just a phone call away.

Chemical automation technology, like IPS Controllers, have so improved water quality that many states, and the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), now require these systems on all commercial pools and spas. With IPS Controllers, you can feel confident you are providing clean, clear water, and a safer swimming environment.

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    IPS-M920w Technology

    • Web-based programming, monitoring, and reporting, plus multiple email and texting options built in for alerts and notifications
    • Lock-out feature prevents unauthorized use
    • Maintains pH and Chlorine levels all year based on actual demand; no need to change programs or settings season-to-season
    • Compatible with liquid, tablets, granular, and salt chlorine generators
    • Unique dual ORP allows installation of multiple output devices, and a primary and secondary sanitizer on the same system
    • Pre-mounted on 16 x 12 board; optional 24 x 19 board accommodates two chemical pumps
    • Simple to program with large LED readout
    • Available in hard-wire Ethernet, or optional WiFi model M920wCA
    • NSF certified for the highest level of code compliance

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