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  • BluEarth Aquatics Automation System -by -
  • BluEarth Aquatics Automation System -by -
  • BluEarth Aquatics Automation System -by -
  • BluEarth Aquatics - The Attendant by - attendant-2
  • BluEarth Aquatics - The Attendant + Chemistry - attendant-2+Chemistry
  • BluEarth Aquatics - Chemistry - chemistry
  • BluEarth Aquatics - Chemistry - chemistry
  • BluEarth Aquatics - Chemistry - chemistry
  • BluEarth Aquatics - Chemistry - chemistry

Automation is now for everyone!

BluEarth Aquatics - by - works with any pool, any spa - any brand equipment.

Unlike a pool builder - we service and maintain the greatest pools in the world - regardless of the equipment that is in place.  We want everyone to have the benefits of today technology - and all the convenience that they deserve 

Until now, you were stuck without automation, or worse yet - locked into one manufacturer's limited offering - (and you had to use only their equipment to even get that).

Here's what we do:

  • Automate - More Features - for Any appliance - Anywhere.
    • Energy Saving Cycles, Timers, Speeds, Lights, Temperature up or down, Chemical levels, Disinfectant Feed and more.
  • Monitor - Everything about your pool and/or spa
    • Temperature, flow rate, cover open or shut, energy usage, water chemistry, system performance, water levels...the list goes on. If you want to know it - we already do.
  • Control - You're the boss - without the worry
    • Set automatic cycles and timers to do it for you, or,
    • Override anything at any time - and do it on demand
    • Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Lights, Water Features, Chemistry, every thing you have
  • Install
    • Poolblu technicians can specify just the right system for you
    • We'll install it for you if you are located in any of our service areas - or 
      • we'll help you or your contractor do-it-yourself  
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    Now you are in control!
    Anywhere - Anytime

    The Attendant - the cornerstone of BluEarth Aquatics - is the system control brains that delivers the information and control you want anywhere - at anytime.
    Using the convenient on-board touchscreen, or peeking at our award-winning hand-held app - you can see and control everything about your pool and/or spa - instantly. Your pool professionals can even monitor and troubleshoot issues remotely through our innovative apps and website.

    Your pool/spa is literally in the palm of your hand - and our fun and common-sense design makes you happy it is!

    Just knowing things are right means a lot. Knowing something might be a bit off - and being able to fix it before it becomes a big problem - is pretty cool, too!
  • Cover on and all is good? - Chill out!
  • Pool up to temperature? - Jump In!
  • Spa ready to go? - Sit back and relax!
  • Light show on? - Let's Party!
  • Water features ready? - Good=to-go!
  • Somethings wrong? - Your Pool has people
  •                        - and they're on the way!

    You can see and control everything without ever leaving your car, easy chair, second home - or even your floating lounge!
    Energy Savings - Smart Money$

    Want to heat up your pool for the weekend visit? Go for it!

    - Better yet, we'll automatically check the weather, check your cover, (if you have on), and turn the heater on in enough time to hit the temperature you want - when you want it. Now that's smart money!

    Want perfect Water - at the lowest possible costs?

    - We'll let you know continually how much energy you are using - and how much money you are saving by perfecting the pump speed settings, heater performance and power-on cycles.

    See why it's the professionals choice for pool/spa automation

    • Onboard touchscreen for local control
    • Mobil app, (iOS and Android) for full control and experience
    • Vendor agnostic device control
    • Built in WIFI connectivity
    • Robust - yet simple - user interface on your smart phone or other device
    • Remote Equipment Diagnostics
    • Built In Energy Savings monitoring and displays
    • Built In Smart Temperature Controls using AI and weather forecasting
    • Built in "vacation and "Airbnb" mode
    • Built In Water levelling and Auto-Fill support
    • Onboard PIN code for local device
    • Lockable enclosure
    • Expandable to include multiple devices
    • Optional chemistry monitoring and dosing

    Hardware Specfications

    • Control of up to 50 variable speed pumps and/or serial connected devices
    • Expandable support for up to 8 relay devices
    • Support for up to 5 temperature sensors
    • Support for up to 5 flow switches
    • Support for up to 5 actuators
    • Support for up to 5 low voltage relays
    • Universal pH and ORP probe connectivity for water quality measurement
    • 110v and 230v compatible

    Inside the Box

    • The Attendant Controller (1 unit)
    • High voltage relays (Qty 2 included in base unit)