THANK YOU for Choosing Poolblu for your 2022 Closing!

Prior to your closing:

It is recommended that Poolblu vacuum your pool a final time. If we do not provide a cleaning/vacuuming service just before closing we will close your pool “As Is.” This will make for a longer start up in the spring.

On the day of your closing:

  • Please have all winter accessories easily accessible. For safety and liability reasons, our technicians are not able retrieve items from lofts, climb ladders, or move any of your property to reach or store your pool equipment. All items will need to be available at ground level.
  • Check in advance to be sure all needed equipment is on site. If we cannot find an accessory that is needed to close your pool, no worries. Our technicians come prepared and will supply the missing item at an additional fee that will be applied on your closing invoice.

    Winter / Mesh Covers:

    We will secure winter covers in the appropriate manner. There will be an additional charge if we have to reattach springs, spring covers or make significant adjustments to the straps. We are not liable for covers that come off due to high winds or fall in due to excessive weight. It is the pool owner’s responsibility to secure the cover in the off season.

    Automatic Covers:

    Poolblu does not recommend using an automatic cover as a winter cover. The tracks can be pulled out, or the sewn canvas edges of the cover will tear and rip, under the weight of heavy ice and snow. Snow may melt and refreeze before you can pump it off, now you have a heavy slab of ice on your cover, which thaws on the edges to produce sharp edges that can puncture or abrade the cover material.

    Please Note: Ordering replacement winter covers should be done as soon as you are aware of the need.

Special Requests:

Please dont hesitate to email or call our customer care team with any special requests or instructions you may have. Unfortunatly our technicians are unable to remember previous requests from seasons past.


  • We will try to email you two business days in advance to confirm your appointment.

  • Please Note: Due to the nature of our work, we are unable to give a specific time for your closing so please plan your day accordingly.

  • Weather Permitting: We will conduct closings in the rain unless there is danger to our crews (i.e., lightning, severe weather) and as long as the weather does not impede our work. Should we need to reschedule, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Important Notice: We cannot schedule appointments for customers with past due balances on their account. Please contact our offices to discuss payment options.