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  Save Money. Save Energy. Save Water. Save Time.

  BluEarth Filtration is the future of pool and spa filtration - and it can be yours today!

  Enjoy Cleaner, clearer, safer water - all with less chemicals and less maintenance

BluEarth Filtration combines 3 simple scientific concepts to deliver truly revolutionary improvements to pool and spa filtration. Economically added to ANY existing filtration system, the benefits of these latest breakthroughs can be put to work for you today.

  • Multi-Cyclone 1st stage filtration - can trap up to 80% of the dirt load before it even reaches your conventional filter
  • Re-cycled glass filter media - replaces old fashioned sand, and traps finer particles - and more of it - with less clogging and backwashing
  • EnviroPro Underdrain Design - significantly improves filtration capacity - maximizing time between backwashes - while minimizing the length of backwashing itself.

Add any one, two or all three of the segments of BluEarth Filtration to your system today.

Check out the benefits below:

Multi-Cyclone 1st Stage Filtration

Using Centrifugal force, debris is "spun out" of solutions into the walls of the clear tank, and falls to the bottom of the separation chamber. Up to 80% of the dirt load can be eliminated before the dirt ever even reaches the media filter.
Feature Advantage Benefit
1st Stage Design Installs easily in any system - conveniently plumbed in front of any type existing pressure side filter Low entry costs - without significant changes to existing sytems
Centrifugal Filtration Debris is "spun-out" to the outside walls - and falls to the bottom of a separation chamber Up to 80% of the dirt load is eliminated - without media and without clogging existing filters
Saves Time - by reducing the existing filter dirt-load. Extends the filter cycles and reduces backwash frequency
No Moving Parts Low Costs - Lowest possible installation, repair and maintenance ease.
Low Back Pressure - Nearly hydraulically neutral Saves Energy - Additional filtration without running pumps longer, or adding horsepower.
Clear Filter Body Direct View of Dirt Load - Easily observe as dirt and debris builds up Simple visiual monitoring - No gauges or flow meters to read….simply clean when you see dirt.
Live, "on-the-fly", one-valve cleaning Filter is Cleaned Easily - with the main system still running. Easier on Staff - Cleaning is easily performed by least skilled personnel. No need to turn of pumps or change multiple valve positions.
Saves Water - Uses about 1 to 4 gallons per cleaning. Less to re-fill, less to re-heat, less to chemically treat….and less wasted water

Recycled Glass Media

Specially collected, graded, sized and treated, re-cycled glass provides superior filtration while it reduces costs. Use it instead of sand.
Feature Advantage Benefit
Less media compaction Depth Filtration - water is filtered deeper into the media bed - which effectively increases the filter media area in the same size tank - slowing velocity and filtering finer particles Clearer, safer water - without changing pumps or filter tanks
Easier Backwashing - media bed does not compact, like sand - so the filter bed "liquifies" easier during backwash. Backwash cycles are faster, easier and more complete Less water, heat and chemicals down the drain - and less water, heat and chemicals paid for to re-fill!
Longer filtration cycles - more time between backwashing. Flow rates stay higher, longer. Less man-power - for backwash operations. Less energy costs - to maintain flow rates
Smooth tempered surface No crystaline free silica or heabvy metals Safer to handle and install - silica sand media is now regulated or prohibited in many areas.
100% pure glass Smooth, tempered edges with no by-products or dust
100% re-cycled - economical and earth-friendly Keeps the glass out of landfills - crushed waste bottles and other glass has very few "new-life" uses.

EnviroPro Underdrain Design

Hydraulically superior - the EnviroPro underdrain design provides better filtration in the same size filter , making every dollar go farther towards clean, safe water.
Feature Advantage Benefit
"Fish-tail" Lateral Geometry shape Eliminates filtration "Dead-Zones" - produces balanced waterflow. Slower velocity water flow through effectively more media. Clearer, safer water and increased dirt holding capacity - without increasing the filter tank size or pump size.
Eliminates backwashing "Dead-Zones" - for cleaner, faster and more thorough backwashing. Less water, heat and chemicals down the drain - and less make-up water, heat and chemcials to buy!
Longer filtration cycles - More time between backwashing. Flow rates stay higher, longer. Less manpower - spent backwashing. Less Energy - to maintain flow rates.
Quality Design and Construction Available from a global leader in filter tank manufacturing - across an entire range of filters Peace-of-Mind - that your investment in the best is a sound, well-informed decision

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  • Contact a Poolblu Specialist for more info about BluEarth filtration or any of our other industry leading products.
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