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   Replacing an In-Ground Pool Liner

 Poolblu has In Ground Pool Liners for every size and shape pool. Professionally installed, or Do-it-yourself, this guide can help you pick the liner and design that is perfect for you.

Important Information to help you decide!

All Poolblu In Ground Pool Liners are custom made for a perfect fit - AND - are Made in the U. S. and using the highest quality virgin vinyl material - your assurance of the finest and longest lasting liner on the market!

Mil Thickness - In-Ground Pool Liners are made from vinyl material that is manufactured in a few different thicknesses: 20 mil, 28 mil, and a 28/20 mil combination.

Designs - Purely a matter of taste, Poolblu offers a wide range of water line and bottom patterns and combinations. Select the look and feel that suites your style. Designs are offered in various mil thicknesses as outlined below.
  • Destination Series
  • - All Destination Series patterns are available in 28/28 mil, (28 mill wall/28 mill bottom) thicknesses. Many of the Destination Series patterns are available in 20/20 mil, (20 mill wall/20 mil floor), thicknesses.
  • Signature Series
  • - All Signature Series patterns are available in 28/20 mil, (28 mill wall/20 mill bottom) thicknesses.
  • Signature Plus Series
  • - All Signature Plus Series patterns are available in 28/28 mil, (28 mill wall/28 mill bottom) thicknesses.
  • Special Pricing - Poolblu has many liner choices. Due to our volume and professional installation practices - the entire Signature, (28/20), and Signature Plus, (28/28) Series of Liners are sold at 20 mil prices!
  • Seasonal Specials - On top of our already low prices, special deals are available on a seasonal basis - save even more $ for planning ahead!
  • Speedy Installation - We know getting you swimming fast is important. Our custom made liners are produced and shipped within 5 days of receiving the liner specifications! We have experienced crews everywhere - so scheduling the installation is fast and easy, too!
  • Click Poolblu Liners to learn more about all three Poolblu Liner series and patterns.
Installation - Poolblu In Ground Pool Liners are installed by Poolblu professsionals in markets everywhere. Poolblu Liners are also available for do-it-yourself installation - with step-by-step help from our team of experts.

Which liner is right you?
  • 20 mil In-Ground Pool Liners have been the standard for performance, value and quality for years. Boasting the perfect combination of "flexibility" and thickness/durability they have always been a great choice. You should choose your liner based on the pattern and design that you like. We don’t recommend passing up your pattern of choice due to thickness.
Why choose a liner because of thickness?
  • The reason folks would prefer 20 mil liners over 28 mil liners is that they are more supple/flexible - and therefore position and seat into the various pool shapes, angles, corners and sizes a bit more easily than thicker liners.
  • Proper fit is important regardless of thickness. Professionals should have little or no issues sizing and installing thicker liners - and there can be advantages to thicker liners, too. Thicker liners can help protect against abrasive pool surfaces and provide additional puncture protection. Normally liners do not fail due to either issue, however, greater thickness can still provide added benefits. If you would like to know more - contact one of our liner experts at 855-poolblu, or

Why do liners fade - and why do they "wear out"?
  • Generally speaking, most liners fail due to exposure to chemicals and sunlight. It is a normal aging process - just as with anything out in the weather. Chemical imbalance is the most common reason for liner failure - regardless of thickness.
Want to know more?
  • Contact a Poolblu Liner Expert for more info, or a free no-obligation quotation.

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