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   Seasonal Pool Openings

Services and supplies for everyone

Poolblu provides seasonal openings and closings in many markets. Featuring two families of services, Concierge Select and Customer Select - we're sure to have a choice that’s right for you.

  • Concierge Select Services - Poolblu professionals do it all! These are complete turn-key seasonal opening and closing services where nearly every service is provided by poolblu professionals. Remarkably affordable and care-free.
  • Customer Select Services - the same Poolblu professionals serve the pool/spa, but allows for the homeowner or pool operator to do any portion of the opening or closing themselves. These seasonal services are custom made for each pool - and allow the customer to choose ony the specific services they want.

  • Base Services consider:
    • Pool size
    • Cover type
  • Optional Services include:
    • Automatic cover tune-ups
    • Heater seasonal tune-ups
    • Water features, (like fountains, deck jets, waterfalls, etc.)
    • Pool cleaners, (in-floor, robots and booster pump styles)
    • Slides
    • Fill systems
    • Chemical feed systems
    • Automation and timers
    • Multiple lights
    • Swim jets, therapy jets and multiple pumps
    • Spaa or Hot Tubs, (sharing equipment or stand-alone)

    Concierge Select Services Include:

    • Removal of all winterizing plugs and equipment
    • Draining the lines of anti-freeze
    • Re-assembly and placing of deck equipment
    • Reinstallation of underwater lights and circualtion sytem fittings
    • Re-assembly of circulation equipment
    • Start of customers fresh water fill
    • Equipment start-up and review*
    • Cover Services Include:
      • Removal or retraction of the cover
      • Cleaning of the cover for operation or storage
      • Removable covers folded or rolled for storage
      • Automatic covers are unrolled, cleaned, and inspected for operation.

    Customer Select Services Include:

    • Any one or combination of the concierge level services
    • Allowing the customer to do any of the items themselves, and purchase just the services they need.

    Seasonal Opening time is a great time to take advantge of specially priced optional services, too:

    • Heater combustion chamber cleaning and tune-up
    • Auto-cover trough cleaning and tune-up
    • Deck pressrue washing
  • Contact a Poolblu Customer Care Specialist for more info, or a free no-obligation quotation.

*assuming water is at operating level at time of opening. If water level is too low, a return trip may be required
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