IntelliBrite LED Lights

  • Efficient - LEDS are brighter, whiter, and longer lasting than incandescent lights and use up to 86% less energy.

  • Lens Geometry - By designing the shape of the LED's lens you get a wider and more uniform light.

  • Adjustable - The pool lens can rotate 180 degrees to provide a wide or narrow beam.

  • Set the Mood - With the option of color LEDs you can turn your pool into a water show in no time with 5 colors and 7 different 'color show' presets.

  • Right Sized - Available in 300W, 400W and 500W equivalent output, pick the right light for your pool size.

  • Innovative Design - With the push of a button IntelliBrite is designed to work with any IntelliTouch or EasyTouch control systems giving you full control from right inside your home.

Click here to view IntelliBrite LED Lights

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