Max-E-Therm Heaters

  • Lightweight - This is the lightest heater in its class.

  • Efficient - Copper heat exchangers come standard on Max-E-Term heaters maximizing energy efficiency.

  • Compact - These are perfect for retro-fit installations.

  • Versatile - Changing from Natural Gas to LP Gad is as simple as installing a different gas orifice.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Every model of Max-E-Term heaters has low NOx emissions, making it environmentally friendly.

  • Innovative Design - The sleek, matte black, enclosure is made of Dura-Glass. This exclusive Sta-Rite material is rust-proof, handles the heat and weathers the elements. Innovative balanced flow design, first introduced by this sytem, is still the standard of the industry.

  • Lower emissions, higher efficiency, easier installation and lower cost! These are the replacement heaters that set new standards for pool equipment and are rated #1 in their class for highest efficiency.

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