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Background Information

ClearBlu II featuring poolblu.net technology is an Aquatic Property Management Solution that simplifies the day-to-day monitoring, testing, treatment and maintenance of pools and spas.  This turn-key program is designed to improve the quality and reduce the costs of recreational water care.
The Program is made possible by combining sophisticated electronic controls, advanced internet and wireless communciation technologies, superior chemical formulations and feeders and the largest field service and supply network in the pool and spa business. At start-up, technicians install on-premise state-of-the-art equipment which automates the chemical feed process and begins to monitor system performance on a continual pro-active basis.  Equipment, chemicals, system monitoring, technical support and professional on-site visits required for the normal day-to-day operation of the facility are provided throughout the term of the program.
ClearBlu II featuring poolblu.net technology is a comprehensive program specified on a facility by facility basis.  The program works seamlessly with any type of pool, spa, equipment and system.

Features and Specifications

ClearBlu II includes on-site equipment, remote monitoring, consumable chemicals, supplies, technical support and professional field services in one comprehensive program.  Key components of the program include:
  • Initial needs analysis and start-up services - Aquatic professionals conduct a thorough on-site facility review and start-up, which includes:
    • Complete facility and equipment review
      • Discussion and recommendations
    • Complete Water Analysis
      • Source water testing
      • Existing pool and spa water testing
    • Initial water balancing including mineral adjustment
    • Equipment Installation
      • Poolblu provides and installs testing, monitoring, communicating and dosing equipment required for routine chemical maintenance and system monitoring
    • On-site maintenance schedule and instructions
    • On-site personnel training
  • Advanced control, communication and water treatment equipment - At the beginning of the program, Poolblu provides and installs the equipment you need for chemical testing, monitoring, dosing and communicating.  The equipment includes:
    • Poolblu ClearBlu II Controller - for automated proportional feed of oxidizer and pH control chemicals, and monitoring of critical system performance data, (pressure, flow, temperature, feed cycles, etc.).
    • Poolblu SF Chemical Feed System – metering pumps or erosion feeders with control valves (varies depending on application) for both oxidizer and pH control.
    • Poolblu ClearBlu II Wireless Communication System – regularly transmits pool water data and system performance data to the poolblu Customer Care Center and database.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    • ClearBlu II features poolblu.net technology - which is the industries leading fully interactive real-time web based control, recording, monitoring and reporting system designed specifically for Aquatic Property Managment
    • Automatic upload, recording and archiving of data
    • Poolblu Customer Care center monitoring of facility data by certified Aquatic professionals
    • Unlimited e-mail and pager alerts to designated personnel, (both client on-site personnel and poolblu service technicians)
    • Automatic dispatching of local service personnel when required, (ie: unresolved out of range chemistry or system performance issues)
    • Unlimited data-log report is available for on-site management and operating personnel.  Useful not just for day-to-day maintenance but also for health department records, client satisfaction, insurance reference, loss control personnel and more.
  • Field Service
    • Regularly scheduled on-site visits by trained technicians are scheduled on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on client needs and preferences
      • Review Overall System Performance
      • In-depth water testing with specific additional tests as required.
      • Take Inventory of on-site chemicals and supplies. Process replenishment orders as required.
      • Performance of routine monitoring and feed system maintenance
      • Provide refresher instruction for on-site maintenance personnel
    • Priority scheduling of emergency service needs which may arise.
    • Waiver of most premium charges for emergency service throughout the life of the agreement.  (This means that requests for same day, evening and weekend service will only carry regular service rates – and not carry the time and a half or double-time charge rates.)
  • Technical Support
    • The poolblu.net technology is on the job 24/7.  Customer Care technicians are alerted of both water chemistry and equipment performance alarm conditions.  Utilizing the poolblu.net services they can remotely access pool and spa performance data, the controller and the equipment.
    • Expert resources – Fully trained technicians are available through the Poolblu Customer Care Center.  Available via phone, live chat, email, web and fax these technicians support the client facility on-site personnel with any equipment or water quality issues, as well process and expedite orders.
    • Field Services – Completely capable or solving every pool or spa problem from leak detection to equipment troubleshooting and repair – the extensive poolblu network of pool and spa experts at PureBluII client disposal.  Field service needs can be processed at any time through the Customer Care Center, or by direct contact to the local area manager or local account technician.
  • Products, parts, supplies
    • The Poolblu network provides equipment, chemicals, parts and supplies of nearly all major pool and spa equipment manufacturers worldwide.  Warehouse locations throughout the Americas assure you of rapid delivery of needed supplies.
    • Regular pH and Oxidizer chemical is included in base programs, and are delivered on an as-needed basis to the local facility.
    • Any additional chemicals, equipment, parts or other materials ordered are provided and billed separately.

Available Programs


Each ClearBlu II program is custom design specifically for the client and the facility, so details may vary.  However, basic programs and pricing generally include the following:

  • Basic Services
    • Initial system review and water analysis
    • Complete system specifications (custom designed per operation)
    • Installation of system monitoring and communications equipment
    • Installation of chemical feed equipment
    • Normal pH and Oxidizer chemicals for day-to-day treatment
    • Once per month scheduled visits of Certified Technicians
    • Regular delivery of chemicals and supplies as needed
    • 24/7 monitoring of system performance
    • 24/7 on-site notification for out of range situations
    • 24/7 dispatching of local field service personnel as required

Refer to a Poolblu Water Quality Management Proposal and Agreement for details.  Typical agreements provide for a single monthly payment.

Depending on the facility, equipment age and condition, on-site personnel availability and other factors, some facilities may choose to include additional professional services and products in the program. 

  • Optional Services – (are virtually limitless – but often include)
    • Additional Scheduled visits for routine maintenance
    • Optional system, controls and chemical for automated super-oxidizing, (shocking) of the pool or spa water.  (Varies based on application, facility and usage.)
    • Regularly scheduled equipment maintenance
    • Pool and Spa surface maintenance, (plaster, paint, tile, etc.)
    • ATP organic testing (for surface and aquatic organism identification)

Of course, the poolblu field service network is available to provide one-time, periodic, un-planned or emergency service and repair on an as-needed or as-requested basis.


More Information


Each ClearBlu II Aquatic Property Management Program is specifically designed on a per client and facility basis.  For a no obligation site assessment and proposal contact Poolblu:

Poolblu Customer Care
US:  1-855-poolblu (766-5258)
International:  1-262-348-9410

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