Converting from Biguanides back to Chlorine

Although some people have tried Biguanide type sanitizers and like them, many find that they prefer to change back to more conventional sanitizing methods.   Here's how to switch from Biguanide back to a chlroine or bromine based sanitizing method.

Basically, we have to first get all the biguanides out of the system - and then gradually build back up to normal sanitizer levels.   The instructions used below help manage this transition with minimum disruption to water quality.


  • Step 1:  Stop adding biguanide chemicals - and allow the levels to drop to very close to 0.
  • Step 2:  Add a good normal water chemistry compatible algaecide, (not bacquacide!) as the level of the biguanid approaches 0.  This will help prevent algae growth for the period of time when we let the biguanides get all the way to 0 and gradually begin raising the chlorine/bromine levels.
  • Step 3:  Clean or replace the filter media.  We recommend replacing it, but you can try to chemically clean the filter media with the biguanide manufacturers product.  It is important to completely remove all traces of the biguanide not just from the water - but the filter media as well.
  • Step 4:  Make sure the pool water is balanced - particularly the pH.
  • Step 5:  Shock the pool water with Non-Chlorine Shock.  Chlor-Free is an excellent product for this.  Use 4 to 8 lbs per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  The pool water might turn cluoudy for a few days if the biguanide levels are not all the way down to 0.  Run the filter and pump 24 hours a day until the water clears.
  • Step 6:  Add chlorine to slowly bring levels up to normal.  Adjust errosion feeders (if present) to lowest setting to begin feeding, or add just one 3 inch tablet in a skimmer basket initially until chlorine levels begin to creep up.
  • Step 7:  If the pool water does not react to the chlorine addition (by turning funny colors or clouding up), increase the feed rate or add another tablet or two until your chlorine reaches normal levels.
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